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Three Roofing Underlayment Solutions To Improve Energy Efficiency With Your Replacement

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If you are planning on having your roof replaced, there may be other improvements that you are considering. This can include things that help improve the energy efficiency of your home. This can be done by using different underlayment solutions, such as rigid composite decking and synthetic membranes. Here are some of the solutions that you may want to consider for underlayments that help improve the energy efficiency of your home:

1. Using Rigid Insulated Decking Board For Roof Deck

The decking of your roof is beneath the shingles. This is plywood or boards that make the flat surface of your roof. Conventional plywood decking is not a very energy efficient material to use. This is why there are newer synthetic rigid decking materials that can be used for the decking on your home. These materials are much more efficient than conventional materials and can improve the energy efficiency of your roof.

2. Adding Foam Insulation For Improved Resistance And Energy Performance

Foam insulation can also be another improvement that you may want to consider for the underlayment of your roof replacement. This can be the rigid decking, or it can be foam insulation in the attic of your home. If you live in a colder climate, the foam insulation will help to protect your home from problems like ice dams. In warmer climates, the addition of foam insulation can help reduce heat gain and keep your home cool during the hottest summer days.

3. Using A Synthetic Moisture Barrier For A Better Performing Underlayment

There is also synthetic moisture barriers, which can be used to replace conventional asphalt felt paper. These materials have several benefits, such as providing your home with better energy efficiency and insulation. They can also reduce problems, such as the wrinkles that you can see with conventional felt paper. The synthetic underlayments are larger rolls of materials, like the house wrap that is used on home exteriors. These materials can be rubber membranes, which can also help provide your home with more protection from water leaks. This is often done with the installation of metal roofing materials, but it can be done with many other types of roofing materials, as well.

These are some underlayment solutions that can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Now that you are ready to replace your roof, contact a roofing contractor (like Suncastle Roofing Inc) and talk with them about some of these energy efficient underlayment options for your home.