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Three Benefits Of Using Foam Roofing

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Foam roof coatings consist of a material made out of polyurethane foam. The foam is made using polyol and isocyanate. The foam is heated up and then sprayed on in liquid form and becomes one continuous layer once it is complete. When applying the foam roofing, the surface needs to be clean of contaminants like oil, and it must be dry or the material will not adhere correctly. When you are choosing a new roof material, you should consider using a foam roof coating in place of other materials like shingles. This is a list of benefits to using foam roofs for your property.


The waterproofing ability of spray polyurethane foam is one of the main benefits of using a foam roof. Since the roof consists of one continuous layer, it is difficult for moisture to get under the roof and create condensation which can damage the structure. In certain circumstances where the top layer of foam happens to become damaged, there is still a strong under layer of foam that adds protection against water. Even if both layers are penetrated by damaged, it is typically isolated to the area with the damage, rather than spreading to the rest of the building like other types of materials.

Exposure to the Elements

The top layer of the spray foam roofing protects the rest of the layers from ultra-violet radiation caused by the sun. During the course of a day, the roof expands as the temperature changes but will regain its shape at the end of each day. Roofers have to be careful to apply the correct amount of coating to the top of the roof to make sure it doesn't become too rigid and allow it to still expand. If it becomes rigid, it will crack and allow water to enter the roof.


Spray foam roofs provide one of the highest levels of insulation. The main benefit of this is that it uses less material for the amount of insulation when compared to other material. By installing a spray polyurethane foam to a roof, it can give your property a 30% savings for energy costs over other types of roofs.

If you decide to install a foam roof, you can contact a local roofing company to provide quotes for the project and find the best deal in your area. The company can also provide the maintenance that is required over the years for the foam roof.