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3 Benefits to Installing a Metal Roof Over Your Current Roof

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If you need to replace your roof and you are looking at a metal roof, you are making a wise choice. Modern metal roofs no longer look industrial on a home, plus many have a lifetime warranty. However, you may balk at the idea of pulling your entire roof off to install a metal roof. Fortunately you do not have to do that; you can install a metal roof right over the top of your old shingled roof. Doing so provides you with the following three benefits.

Lower Labor Costs with Your Roofers

Since your roofers will not have to spend hours tearing the old roof off and clearing away all of the debris before installing the metal roof, you are not paying them for all of those extra hours. You only pay them for the hours it takes to install the metal roof over your old shingled roof. Since labor is often the costliest part of installing any new roof, your contractor estimates should be significantly lower, leaving you with more money for other home improvements.

Your Old Roof Is the Underlayment for the Metal Roof

You could still tear your old roof off, but then multiple new layers of roof underlay would need to be installed before the metal roof itself. By leaving the old roof on, you do not need any more underlay materials. The metal roof goes right over the top and is screwed, nailed, or bolted into place. The old roof also acts as a sound barrier, which softens and/or deadens any noise you might hear when hail or extremely heavy rains hit your metal roof; the shingles disseminate the sound vibrations created when something hits the metal roof with force.

Your Old Roof Acts as Added Protection if the Metal Roof Springs a Leak

It is highly unlikely for a metal roof to fail, let alone spring a leak. However, If your metal roof were to suddenly shift positions or lift up because of incredibly powerful or tornado winds, your old roof underneath would act as an added barrier against leaks. If you tore off your old roof and just installed the usual roof felt and rubber under the metal roof, these materials may not be enough to prevent leaks in extreme situations. It is far more beneficial to leave the shingled roof on your home and install the metal roof over the top.

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