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5 Facts About Metal Roofing For Your Home

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Many homeowners are enjoying the benefits of metal roofing. Since the material lasts a long time, is recyclable, and often comes with a long warranty, it is becoming a more practical material to use. If you were not already convinced to use metal roofing on your home, these 5 facts may cause you to consider it.

A Metal Roof Can Disperse Lighting Strikes

A misconception is that a metal roof will increase the chance of your home getting hit by lightning. The truth is that a metal roof can protect your home by acting like a type of Faraday cage. The material will disperse the electrical charge if hit by lightning, causing it to safely redistribute it across your roof. While lightning rods will intercept lightning that only strikes the rod itself, metal roofing will intercept and safely disperse lighting that strikes any part of your roof.

A Metal Roof Can Prevent Ice Dams

If your home tends to get frequent or heavy snowfall, know that metal roofing with the proper pitch can prevent those pesky ice dams from forming. Alternative materials like asphalt shingles actually provide snow with a surface that it can cling to. When you combine that material with freezing temperatures, the snow will easily turn to ice.

Snow guards can be installed to prevent snow from falling off your roof near entrances, decking, and other areas that it would be undesirable to have snow collect on the ground.

A Metal Roof Resists Fire

Modern metal roofs are tested for fire-resistance, and rated in three classes (A, B, and C). Selecting a metal roof is not only safer, but can lead to an insurance discount as well. It's a smart roofing choice when you live in an area that has forest fires and you feel that safety is a priority.

A Metal Roof Is Easy To Install Solar Panels On

When you have metal roofing, it's easy to retrofit your home with solar panels. There is innovative solar panel film that easily installs on a metal roof due to the installation process of peeling and sticking it on. It will adhere quickly, making it easy to go green.

A Metal Roof Is Quiet

People imagine metal roofing being noisy, much like tin roofing found on barns. Installing metal roofing over wood planks or plywood will cause the material to be quiet, just like alternative materials.

Does metal roofing sound like a good choice to you? Contact a local roofing contractor in your area for a roof installation consultation.