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How To Replace Spanish Style Roof Tiles

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The beauty and style of Spanish tiles on a sloped roof is hard to beat. The rounded design of Spanish tiles give your roof a more dynamic look. Clay and adobe Spanish roofs are also very durable, but the individual tiles can crack. If you have ever tried to walk on a roof with authentic Spanish tiles, there is good chance that you have spotted cracked tiles or even cracked a few while trying to walk across them. So, if you need to fix broken tiles, you need to be careful to not crack even more while you are on the roof. This article will explain how to safely move around your roof when replacing broken Spanish tiles.

Wear the Right Clothes

Before you get onto your roof, you should take some safety precautions. First, wear comfortable, tight tennis shoes with a good grip. Don't wear clunky work boots. Walking on a sloped roof with huge boots will not be easy, and you will run the risk of cracking more tiles. You can also wear soft shell knee pads for added comfort and more weight dispersion.

Walk on the Tile

Second, when walking on the tile, move slowly and try to step on two tiles at once. That is, never leave your weight on one foot for too long. Never step on the top of the tile arch. Instead, try to place your heel on one tile and your toe on the next tile. This distributes your weight evenly and ensures that the pressure is placed on the more secure part of the tile. In general, it is a good idea to step in the low points, rather than the high points, of the tile.

Use Towels

Lastly, bring a towel or two on the roof with you. Set the towels next to the damaged tile that you are going to work on. You should sit or lay down as you work on the tile. Remember, the key is to spread out your weight, so sprawl out and get comfortable.

These helpful tips will make it much easier to fix your broken Spanish tiles. Of course, you will want to avoid walking on your roof at all costs. However, you can get up on your roof with confidence that you will be able to fix any tiles that do break. If you have any additional questions about fixing your tile roof, ask a roofing company like Earhart Roofing Company Inc​. for help.