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Four Improvements To Do To Your New Roof With Solar Panel Installations

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When you are renovating your home and doing things like replacing the roof, you may also want to invest in solar energy. This can be done with solar panels or newer solar roofing products. No matter how you choose to have solar energy installed on your roof, there may be some other improvements that need to be done with your roof replacement, such as installing rubber underlayments and reinforcing the area were solar arrays are located. Here are some of the improvements that will need to be done to prepare your roof for solar energy:

1. Adding Support To Roof Structure For Extra Loads

The solar panels you have installed on your home may be heavier than common roof loads. This means that they will need to have the support of the roof structure. When you have your roof replaced, talk with the roofer about adding support in areas where solar energy systems are going to be added. This can be done by adding rafters and roof bracing that will help carry any extra loads on your roof.

2. Installing Synthetic Or Rubber Underlayments For Better Leak Protection

For any type of solar energy system on your roof, there will be a lot of extra screws, fasteners and holes for mechanical systems. This also means that there is more of a chance of leaks in these areas. You may want to consider using a more durable roofing underlayment instead of asphalt felt paper. Rubber underlayments can be a great choice, because they can help seal around these penetrations in your roof and provide extra leak protection.

3. Adding Support For Mounts Of Solar Panel Racking Systems

Solar panels also have mounting brackets that need to be installed on your roof. You may want to have a raised area for these features, which can help keep brackets from penetrating your roofing. The roofer can build supports in the location of bracket mounting systems to help support panels and prevent leaking where brackets are fastened directly to the roof of your home.

4. Flashing And Sealing Around Solar Panels Systems After Installation Is Complete

There are many things that may need to be done when you plan on having solar panels installed on your home. After they have been installed, the flashing and sealing around the panels is important. Once you have the solar array completely installed, talk with your roofer about coming back to flash and seal around brackets and other areas of your roof that can potentially leak.

These are some of the improvements that will need to be done to help prepare your roof for solar energy. If you are ready to have your roof replaced and prepared for a solar panel array, contact a roofing contractor, such as Griffin Bros. Inc., about making improvements to your home.