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Why You Need To Make Sure Your Home Has A Rainwater Drainage System

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Most homes you see have a drainage system, also called rain gutters, running along the edge of the roof leading to a downspout. If your home does not have rain gutters, you need to get them installed immediately. Below are three reasons why.

Keeps Water Away

When it rains, the water on your roof has to go somewhere. If you do not have a rainwater drainage system, the water would run off the roof and down the side of your home. The water then pools at the foundation. Over time, this water will start to wear away at the foundation and cause it to crack. Once this happens, you may have to replace the foundation, which is very expensive. The water that leaks inside the crawlspace or basement can also lead to mold growth, which is dangerous for your family.  

Directs Water

The drainage system connects to a downspout. When the water is pushed through the gutter into the downspout, it directs the water to another location. For example, there may be a storm water drain near your home, or you may have a part of your yard that drains well. In most cases, downspouts are not very long so they are not able to divert the water very much. To take care of this problem, you can purchase downspout extenders to lengthen them.

Water Flower Garden

You can also take the water running off your gutters and put it into a rain barrel so you can have water to water your flower garden. You can purchase rain barrels at home improvement stores or garden centers, or you can make one yourself. Watering flowers in the spring and summer can get expensive, especially if your flower garden is very large. Using water from your rain barrel can cut down on the amount of water you use greatly to allow you to save money.

Contact a roofing contractor to install your rainwater drainage system for you if you do not have experience doing this on your own. Most systems are made of PVC, which makes the gutters affordable, durable, and lightweight. Using PVC also means no rust will not build up. Once installed, you need to make sure you keep the drainage system maintained by ensuring no debris clogs it up, such as sticks and leaves. If so, water will not be able to drain properly. Check the guttering every few weeks. If you see clogs, use a garden hose to clean them out. 

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