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Considering A Roof Coating For Your Home? Know The Essential Info About It

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A roof coating is a great way to extend your roof's lifespan, and it can be applied to an existing roof and new roofs with ease. Here is the essential info you should know about the benefits, preparation, and installation of a roof coating.


Roof coating is applied much like paint, except that the material turns to a rubber after it dries. The roof coating has the ability to contract and expand with the weather, which makes it ideal for any climate. The protective coating will also add an additional layer to prevent leaks from occurring. If you do not have the money to replace an aging roof, adding a coating can buy you some time by giving the roof some added protection. The coating material will be substantially cheaper than a new roof, especially for those that have the ability to apply the coating on their own.

An additional benefit of using a roof coating will be how it can keep the interior of your home cooler, and help lower your home's energy bills. This is done by reflecting solar heat instead of absorbing it. The coating keeps your attic cool, causing less heat to be transferred into living areas where you feel it the most. It makes a protective roof coating a great investment, even for those who have a brand new roof.


Most of the labor involved with applying your roof coating will be the preparation. You must make minor repairs, which include things as big as missing shingle replacement, to loose metal roof seams. The roof surface must be washed and dry before you can apply a roof coating.

Plan to apply a roof coating on a dry and warm day. It will ensure that the roof is dry and that the coating died quickly. If the weather is too cold, the coating could run off your roof.


The great thing about roof coatings is that they can be installed on all kinds of roofs. While a flat roof is ideal, asphalt shingle roofs will require a base coat to fill in the small valleys and grooves between your shingles. Expect the installation process to take about 2 days in that situation, since a base coat must dry completely before applying the main coating.

The application process is just like painting, since the bulk of the surface can be covered with a roller, and a small brush for getting the cracks around objects such as vents and your chimney. When applying multiple layers of a roof coating, they could be applied in opposite directions to ensure that the surface will be thoroughly coated.

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