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Four Tips For Your Family During A Roof Replacement

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Having your roof replaced might only take a few days, but this can cause some disruptions for your family. If you realize you will need to entirely replace your roof, this might cause some changes to your daily routine and take some thought when it comes to keeping kids and pets safe. Here are four tips to keep your family on track if you are having your roof replaced.

1. Keep Kids Away from the Action

Your kids are going to be curious if there are workers in the yard and on the roof with cool equipment. Be sure to explain to your kids that roofers need space and focus and the yard is off limits while work is being done. If you children are just too curious, ask the head contractor if your child can ask questions at the beginning or end of a workday. Your child can even check out roofing tools with supervision.

2. Board Your Pets

Having strangers on your property and constant action on your roof might be too much even for the most laid back pets. Even if your family can stay in the home in the evenings, work being done during the day can be stressful for pets. If you can bring your pets to a friend's house or even board them until work is complete, pet anxiety levels will be lower.

3. Schedule in the Summer

The faster work can be completed, the better. Long days and dry weather can make roofing a much easier process that can be completed quickly. Do what you can to patch or keep your roof functioning until the warmer season. Summer roof projects will be for your family to get through and keep the process from dragging on as it might in inclement weather.

4. Keep Items Secure

If workers will be in and out of your home or your doors may be open, make sure valuables are kept hidden. This type of disruption can attract thieves looking for opportunities. If your property has additional roofing workers, it can be easy for someone to slip in unannounced, so don't make this easy for them. Lock up your valuables and be sure to put your purse and keys further into your home rather than just by the front door.

Commercial roofers can usually finish a job quickly and efficiently, but this can will might cause disruptions in your home. Be sure to discuss all of your worries with your commercial roofing contractor and do what you can to prepare your family for the roof work being done.