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Things Not To Do To Your Roof

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Keeping your roof in good shape means practicing regular maintenance such as cleaning and patching. However, there is more to good roof "health" than those things. Sometimes, what you don't do to your roof is as important as what you do. Your roof just isn't meant to withstand certain practices. If you want to protect your roof, you will refrain from the following.

Hanging Stuff

Anything you hang from your roof has the potential to damage it. Even the yearly Christmas lights can cause problems because decorating your roof with them means driving nails or staples into the shingles. The holes left behind can let moisture in, causing rot and the deterioration of your roofing. Also, you should install your satellite dish on the ground rather than the roof, if possible, because the nails and screws can do a real number on your shingles. Other items such as basketball hoops installed by the gutters put too much strain on your roof as well. Your roof is not a place to install things.

Pressure Washing

Although you shouldn't let debris gather in piles on your roof, you have to be careful about how you clean it. Using a pressure washer may actually damage your shingles by removing the adhesive and knocking off the granules that help protect your roof. You can end up with cracked and leaking shingles. If you must clean off your roof, use a ladder to reach it and do as little walking on the roof as possible.

Grow Things

If your gutters are sprouting little trees, it's past time to clean them out. If your actual roof is growing algae or lichen, then you have another problem. Plants can take root on your roof and damage your roofing. It also gives your home a really untended look. To avoid inflicting more damage to your roof, you will need to contact a professional to take care of the problem.

Your roof requires regular attention, but you can protect it by not doing harmful things to it. Anything you hang from the roof can hurt it because you puncture the surface. If you want to decorate your home, avoid using the roof as a platform. Stick to the yard for the most part. Also, you almost never need to wash the roof, so a pressure washer is never necessary. Do inspect your roof regularly for damage and call in a roofing professional, if needed. Click here to learn more about roof repair.