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Metal Roof Options For A Cottage-Style House

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A cottage-style home may bring to mind quaint Victoriana homes or slightly wild English cottages. Yet, a metal roof, with its durability and low maintenance, may still be a desirable addition to your cottage. Fortunately, there are more options than just the angular standing seam metal roof. The following guide can help inspire your next roof choice.

Scalloped or "Fish scale"

Scalloped shingles are sometimes called fish scale due to their shape. They work very well on a romantic cottage style home, either as a covering for the whole roof or only over decorative elements, such as on dormers or gable ends. While traditional scallops are made of wood shingle, you can find metal scalloped shingles that offer the perfect look with the durability and low-maintenance of metal. These shingles are available in a range of colors, included variegated varieties that add depth to the roof's appearance.


Cedar shake was a common traditional roofing option on more rustic or country-style cottages. Cedar isn't as common anymore, though, due to the fact that there are longer lasting and more fire-resistant roofing options available. Fortunately, there are now metal shake shingles that have the look and color of traditional cedar but without any of the drawbacks.

Slate tile

Slate tile is another traditional cottage roofing choice, especially for English-style cottages. Unfortunately, this look in the past could only be achieved on homes that were built specifically for slate. This is because it is a heavy roofing material that requires a strong support structure. The metal version of slate looks quite convincing but it is much lighter weight, so you can add it to any roof without fear of a collapse.

Standing seam

While standing seam metal roofs aren't the ideal choice for a cottage, they are the most cost efficient option. If you find yourself with no choice but a traditional standing seam, then make the most cottage friendly choices. First, opt for narrow panels so the roof has more a of a pin-striped appearance. The wider panels are often more associated with cabins and lodges. Next, go with a light, muted color, such as a sand, pale sage, or light gray. The seams don't stand out as much in lighter colors, giving the roof a softer look that better complements the cottage style of the home.

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