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Why To Use Slate For Your Home's Roof

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If you need a new roof for your home, you should seriously consider using slate. It has many advantages and benefits that other roofing materials are not able to compete with. Here are a few reasons to install a slate roof for your home.

Color Variety

When you select asphalt shingles, you are fairly limited in your color selection. If you are looking for a way to personalize your house with the roof, slate is a great alternative material to do it with. The ability to select from many different patterns and colors will make your home stand out among the other homes on your block.

Keep in mind that the pattern and color of slate comes from the area that the material is sourced from. The pattern and color is not manufactured, meaning that it may take some searching to find the right combination that you want. Expect slate to come in different shades of grey, black, blue, red, and even green.


If you install slate on your roof, expect slate to be the last roof you ever put on your home. Slate has a great life expectancy, with it potentially lasting over 100 years. This is only an estimate though, since some slates will get soft after about 100 years, while others will remain strong for much longer. Either way, chances are great that your slate roof may outlive your home.

Damage Resistance

Slate will be great at resisting damage over the years, which will be a big factor that plays into it longevity. For instance, a slate roof will not be damaged from moisture, and the material won't rot in a climate that has a lot of rain or snow. You also will not have to deal with damage caused from pests or insects that like to feed on roofing materials. Beetles and termites will not be a reason to be concerned.

Slate also performs great in regions that are extremely dry or hot. The material is not flammable, which gives it protection from the heat and wildfires and will be one less thing that can catch on fire during a house fire. The latter could potentially save your home from burning to the ground.

For more info about slate roofing, speak to a local roofing contractor. They can provide you with an estimate for a slate roof, and help you select some slate that has interesting colors and patterns on them. Contact a company like Darnell Construction to get started.