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Big Storm Just Pass Through? Look For Hidden Damage To Your Home's Roof

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Once a big storm has finished making its way through your town, your initial instinct may be to go outside and look for potential damage that was caused by it. You may take a look at your roof, think it looks normal, and feel relieved that there is no damage to have repaired. You should be aware that a storm can cause some hidden damage to your roof, which will not be immediately noticeable at first glance. Know about these potential problems that could require roof repair.

Asphalt Roofing Dents

Shingles made out of asphalt are susceptible to damage from impact, which can happen during a really strong storm. You may have shingles that have noticeable dents in them, where they no longer lay flush like the rest of the shingles on your roof. These will need to be repaired.

What you want to look out for are shingles with small dimples that have more subtle damage. These may look fine, but if you press down on them, they will feel spongy and go inward. The impact may have been so strong that it caused damage to the roof deck underneath the shingle, and the shingle popped back up.

Metal Roofing Dents

A dent in your metal roofing material will be not as big of an issue, because metal is very resistant to impact damage. If you have a minor dent in your metal roof, it's probably cosmetic damage only. That said, it could still need to be repaired. If you have painted the metal material, impact damage can cause the paint to crack and chip off over time. It will be easier to fix the small cosmetic damage now, than to repair a larger section later.

Missing Asphalt Granules

The surface of an asphalt shingle will be gritty, since it has a top layer constructed with tiny granules. If these granules are missing due to a strong storm, your shingle material will fail much faster than normal, and lose part of its fire resistance. You can replace individual shingles that no longer have many granules on them.


Leaks can start off small, which is why it is good to go in your attic and check for potential holes. You should go in the attic during the day and see if you can find any areas that look darker than others. This is a sign that water has soaked into the wood due to a leak.

When you notice any of these problems, contact a roofing contractor to fix it.