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How To Estimate Materials For A Corrugated Metal Roof

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If you are planning to install corrugated metal roofing, it is important to estimate the materials. Corrugated roofing can last a long time, it is lightweight, and it directs water from the roof. It is simple to figure how much roofing material you need. Here are tips to estimate the materials for a corrugated metal roof.

Prepare to Work

You need a calculator, a pencil, paper, a tape measure, and a ladder for this project. Get any required permits before you install a roof. Visit your building codes department, or search your state's government website for permit costs.

Add 10% extra sheets to the total sheets needed to be on the safe side. Ask your roof supplier their policies on returning unused sheets. However, you may want to keep these sheets for repairs.

Calculate Width

If you don't have the building dimensions, you will have to climb the ladder.. Set a ladder on solid ground, and get someone to hold it for you

Measure the perimeter of the lower roof edge. A typical corrugated sheet measures twenty-four to forty-four inches. If the roof is in many sections like a hip roof, record and measure each section separately.

Include the required overlap in the measurement,.For roofs in several sections like hip roofs, measure each section,  and list them separately on paper.

Divide this number into the roof edge measurement with the overlap included to get the number of sheets needed for width. For example, if the roof edge measures 236 inches,the overlap is four inches, and the sheets measure twenty-four inches wide, you would divide 240 by 24 to get ten sheets. If there's a remainder, round up to the next inch.

Measure Length

Measure length from the peak to the edge in feet; including dormers and overhangs.. The standard length for corrugated metal sheets is six feet. Divide the length by six feet.

For example, the distance between the peak and edge measures 48 inches, divide 6 into 48 to get 8 sheets. Multiply the number peak and edge sheets together for the total number of sheets .In this example, ten times eight equals eighty sheets.

Calculate Ridge Caps and Additional Materials

Ridge caps are commonly six feet. Convert the edge and peak measurement to feet. Add them together, and divide by six to get the needed sheets.

Don't forget ot include nails in the cost. Many panels require at least 40 nails.

Estimating materials saves money and waste. If you are unsure of your skills to calculate material, or you are ready to install the roof, contact a roofer.