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3 Additional Expenses Youmay Run Into When Having Your Roof Replaced

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When you find out that you have to have your roof replaced, you may literally start to see several dollar signs flashed before your eyes because a new roof can be thousands and thousands of dollars. The good news about getting roof replaced, however, is that the sooner you have it replaced, the longer you have until you have to have it replaced again. And because the average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 years on average, that really gives you a lot of time. One thing to be aware of is that after your residential roofing installation company tears off your shingles and really sees what they're working with, there may be a few more expenses that you'll have to pay for. This article will take a closer look at a few of those unexpected expenses that you should expect to potentially pay for. 


Your roof shingles don't just sit on top of rafters and then protect your roof that way. Rather, there is usually a thick layer of plywood that goes across your entire roof and then a thin waterproof sheet is placed over that. If your roof is in really bad condition, then the plywood underneath (or the underlayment) may be severely damaged and need to be replaced. When this plywood gets really wet, it can start to rot and weaken which means that you'll definitely have to have it all replaced. 

Soffit and Fascia

Another thing that you may have to have replaced is the soffit and fascia which is the underlayment that you see when you stand back from the street. Typically, the soffit and fascia are either made of aluminum wood, or even vinyl and when your roofing installation company is replacing your roof, they may recommend that you have this replaced at the same time as well. The great thing about having it replaced is that it will make your entire exterior look in better condition. 

Rain gutters

Every house needs to have rain gutters on it because they carry water away from the roof and into the ground. Deepening on the rain gutters that you want, they may be a little expensive. For instance, if you want copper rain gutters, those can be a hefty expense whereas if you choose regular aluminum rain gutters, they won't cost you nearly as much. 

It can be frustrating to run into additional expenses when you are dealing with any home improvement issue. If you have to have your roof replaced make sure that you consider these potential expenses. Contact a service, like Leon Construction, for more help.