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Have A Flat Metal Roof And Need Roof Replacement? Understanding The Process

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If you have a flat metal roof that needs to be replaced, you need to contact a roofing contractor to do this for you. It can still help to lean some information before they arrive, however. This will allow you to understand the process as they are installing the new roof. Below are three things you should know to get you started.

Clean and Replace Rotted Areas

The first thing the roofing contractor will do is to clean the vents, boots, and flashings. Once clean they will inspect everything closely for any damage. For example, there may be areas that have rotted wood. If so, all this wood will be replaced before the new roof is installed. If any vents, flashings, or boots are damaged, the roofing contractor will also replace these. The fascia is also made of wood and will be replaced if any wood is damaged in any way. The roofing contractor will also inspect the gutter system to see if it needs to be replaced along with the roof.

Repair the Base

When you first have a flat metal roof installed, the roofing contractor installed a base to lay the metal sheets or shingles on. This base is generally made of roofing felt or tar paper. The roofing contractor will inspect the base closely, and if they see any type of damage, the base will be replaced. In some cases, the base can be repaired by replacing screws that may be missing or screws that have come loose

Install the Metal Roof

Once the base is created, the roofing contractor will do the roof installation. They may use metal sheets. These sheets are laid vertically on the roof. The sheets will have to be cut to fit your roof dimensions. There are also metal roofing shingles that can be installed. These shingles can be painted to just about any color that you like.

If you choose metal sheets you can choose a roof that has no seams or with seams. The fewer seams, the better, as you will have fewer leak problems. If you like the look of having seams the roofing contractor can put a sealant on the roof to provide protection. This sealant will have to be replaced periodically, however.

Talk with a roofing company like Advanced Roofing and Construction about installing a flat metal roof on your home. They can go over the installation process with you in much more detail.