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Common Signs That Your Home's Foundation Is In Need Of Repair

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Most homeowners don't spend much time thinking about their home's foundation. However, the foundation of a home is extremely important, and foundation issues need to be addressed promptly in order to insure very serious damage to the entire house that can be extremely expensive to repair. If you are a homeowner, it is imperative to know the signs of foundation problems so you can arrange for repairs to be made. In most cases, the sooner foundation problems are recognized and taken care of, the less expensive it will cost to make repairs and damage will be minimized. Some of the most common signs that your home's foundation should be inspected and may need repairs include:

Visibly Large Cracks

In the first couple of years after a home is built, it is not abnormal for the foundation to settle and slightly shift. This may result in very small cracks in the foundation itself, which can be hard to see unless you're really looking for them. But, an unstable foundation that is in need of repair will often produce much more noticeable cracks that are large in size and very visible. You may see large fractures in the concrete foundation along the bottom of your house, and cracks in the flooring and ceilings of your home are also possible if there is something wrong with your foundation. Never ignore these issues-- it is important to have foundation problems repaired as quickly as possible.

Problems with Doors

Most homeowners will not feel their home's foundation shifting or sinking. But their will be signs inside the house. One of the most common signs of a foundation problem is difficulty opening doors, both interior doors and doors that lead to the outside. When there is a foundation problem, doors often don't open and close easily, because they are no longer level; you may also may notice that doors begin to stick, making them harder to use. If one or more doors in your home are not opening or closing like they used to, don't brush it off-- have your foundation inspected by a reputable company.

Floors are Sagging or Uneven

There are a few different types of foundations for homes, but slab foundations and pier and beam foundations tend to be most popular. If you have a pier and beam foundation and your home's foundation is in need of repair, you may see that areas of your home's flooring is sagging. For slab foundations, uneven flooring is a very common symptom of foundation problems. Pay attention to how your flooring feels and take the proper measures to have your foundation repaired if you notice problems.