Repair or Replacement? Getting Advice from a Roofer

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Signs It Might Be Time To Replace The Old Metal Roof On Your Home

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A metal roof will last for a long time, but it eventually gets bad and needs to be replaced. If you bought a home with a metal roof that was put on decades ago, it could be time for a roof replacement. Many times, a metal roof can be repaired when problems first start, but eventually, the roof gets too bad to repair. A residential roofing contractor can examine your roof and let you know if repairs are possible or if you need a new roof. Here are some signs that indicate your metal roof may need to be replaced.

Rust Is Spreading Over The Roof

Steel used for roofing is treated with a coating so it won't rust. However, as a steel roof ages, the coating might wear away in places where the roof has damage from storms or scratches. When that happens, rust spots will develop on the roof, and once rust starts, it spreads if repairs aren't done promptly. If you don't go up on your roof or have it inspected regularly, you may have no idea how bad the rust is until your roof starts leaking and you see water stains on the ceiling. By then, panels could be rusted through and rust could be bad enough that a roof replacement is the best choice.

Hail Damage Makes Your Roof Look Bad

A severe storm with large hail can cause your metal roof to be dented. Metal roofs are rated for hail and won't dent under usual circumstances. If the storm has unusually large hail, the strikes may leave marks behind on the roof. This type of damage may be only cosmetic and not a sign of roof failure since metal roofs are very hard to puncture. If your roof is old anyway, then you may decide to get a new roof just to improve its appearance after it's been dinged by hail.

Panels Are Loose And Leaky

Loose panels can often be repaired, but if the seams along the panels are leaky, then your roof deck and attic may have water damage. A roofer may need to look at your roof and advise you on the need for a roof replacement when the panels are loose. If they've been leaking, there may also be rust present along with water damage that makes replacement a better option than repairs.

You Want A New Roof Appearance

If your metal roof is old enough to be worn out, it may be made from old materials that aren't as attractive as metal roofs today. You may want a different style roof or a different color. You might even decide you want to switch to an asphalt or tile roof. Also, if you're planning on installing solar panels on the roof, it's a good time to put on a new roof if your roof is approaching the end of its life so you won't have to tear off the solar panels soon to repair or replace worn out roofing.

Reach out to a residential roof replacement contractor to learn more.